Regular offerings and donations to special campaigns can be made in person or online.

The Parish of Annapolis is grateful for your donation and thanks you for your support.



Option 1: Canada Helps

To make an offering donation you can:

1.) Connect with Canada Helps by clicking this link:

2.) Enter the amount and be sure to type in a message saying, a,) Offering, b.) Bargain Box donation. 

3.) Press send


Each Canada Helps donation is subject to a 4% one time donation fee, or a 3.5 % monthly fee.  You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount given, but please be aware that the Parish of Annapolis will receive the given amount minus these deductions. For example, for a $20.00 offering, you would receive a charitable donation receipt for $20.00, and St. Luke's would receive $19.20 for a one time donation and $19.30 for a regular monthly donation. 

Option 2: E-transfer or Cheque

Please contact the office for further instructions by emailing, or by phone at 902-532-0913. 

If you wish for the full amount of your offering to go to St. Luke's, please consider using e-transfer or mailing a cheque