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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

A heart-felt “thank you" to all of you who wished us well and those who sent notes to us when you heard we were leaving St. Luke’s. We opened the notes earlier this week after we had completed the final cleanup of the house we have sold. We appreciate your kind words and it was fun remembering some of the things you reminded us that we had been involved in.

Also, Sue showed me Wendy’s post on Facebook about the “Red Aprons” of St. Luke’s, and the Welcome Table initiative of providing a few people with the means to grow summer veg, and the response of one of the recipients. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. I felt moved to offer this response.

The Welcome Table started life as a group of about 6 people who wanted to make a difference in the community of which St. Luke’s is a part. We were blessed to encounter Brenda Thompson who had knowledge of the Food Bank workings and the challenges faced by it’s clients. We had a grand plan to provide a meal in the hall, inviting food bank clients. But, fortunately - yes, fortunately - Covid got in the way of this and forced us to think about what we could do outside the church building. The winter hot drinks and cookies mission was born. As a result of this, not only the few people delivering the service outside the food bank were involved, many in the congregation became active by baking cookies. As spring approached and we looked for another similar initiative, we talked to some of the food bank clients about their needs. Growing their own fresh veg was a common thread that emerged. This developed into the actions that Wendy commented on in her Facebook post.

Though no longer a part of the Welcome Table group, this mission means a lot to me. Not just because of the people it helps but because it shows that way in which a small church (the people of St. Luke’s) can make a big difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t always have to affect all the people, or even a lot of people, but it does have to make a difference. I think this is the essence of mission. Not trying to “convert” people but acting in the way of Jesus, doing what we can to make sure that people have enough, showing that there is a better way to live, and that the Kingdom really is at hand. And Sue is delighted see the “Red Aprons” at work in this way! Blessings to you all.

Derek and Sue

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