Newsletter Issue 71 (December 2021)

Updated: Mar 26

Rev. Nita said recently that she feels that we are turning around. I think she is right. We cannot live with fear. If we hide from everything, we are hiding from being a human being. Do you remember the old song,

“People who need people

Are the luckiest people in the world.”

We all need each other. Children need to meet with other children, older people need to talk and remember. We need everyone to join in to make the world run smoothly. Whatever you may think about the world, do not give up. We are all necessary.

We can be careful, but we are always careful. We look before we cross the road, we make sure our cars are roadworthy, we fix our houses when they need it, and we look after our health. Of course we are careful, but we also need to live with joy and looking forward and happiness.

Be gentle. It is harder for some people than others. Recognize when a smile is all that is required or when we can do more. Reach out and people will reach back. No one is perfect, and they would be pretty difficult to live with if they were. We recognize ourselves in other people’s mistakes and are more human because of it.

Christmas is coming. We will celebrate again the birth of the Christ Child. Mary was not afraid, although she had good cause to be. We need not be afraid either.

Merry Christmas to all our church family and all those we know and love.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come

Let earth receive her King.


From Reverend Nita

Dear Friends,

The year 2021 will soon be in the past, and if you are feeling like me, it can’t come a moment too soon! This year has brought with it many challenge and difficulties on so many levels for so many people. This time of the year can however provide relief and hope for a better 2022. Isn’t there something so very special about this time of year? Without a doubt, there is just something beautiful about all the coloured lights and decorations. It is an exciting time.

What primarily makes it exciting for me is that we will gather together as we have every year that I can remember, during this historic period of adversity, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour and his coming once again to be among us. Christmas is for me one of the most wonderful times of the year!

While we may be preoccupied with the pandemic, alarmed by current environmental disasters, consumed with necessary acts of reconciliation, or other numerous serious concerns, there is no doubt, many of us are believing in the best.

I want to take this opportunity to remind us once again of the fact that in Christ “hope came down” to dwell among us over 2000 years ago. He continues to dwell here by the power of the Holy Spirit. So with that I mind, let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas as once again, we as a church community celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


Rev Nita



Soft snow fall on our world this Christmas

Cover the ravaged forests and the desolation of war.

Bind up the hurts of the children

Bring smiles from their tears

Make their hearts glad

Turn fear into peace.

Soft snow fall on our world this Christmas

So gentle and pure like Mary

So long ago the mother of a new born King

And yet here, among us, in each mother and each family.

Make our hearts glad

Turn fear into peace.

Soft snow fall on our world this Christmas

Shining in beauty, brighter than diamonds

Stars in the eyes of the Christ child

In in children everywhere.

Make our hearts glad,

Turn fear into peace

Soft snow fall on our world this Christmas

On rich and poor, humble and haughty

As the Christ child loves us all

So let us love one another.

Make our hearts glad

Turn fear into peace


Congratulations Parish of Annapolis

Even the most optimistic person would admit that this last little while has not been easy but we have come through. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU

MUSIC: When the new rules for Covid tightened from the Diocese it became apparent that our talented organist Heidi and her lay reader husband Brent could no longer be amongst us. We miss them and their children sorely and hope that the pandemic will lessen and we can welcome them back. However, we are very grateful to Connie Rouse and Joanne Buckmaster for stepping in the giving us music at our services. In the same way our choir has been decimated, but the few of us remaining will continue to sing and please join in with us. We are not soloists. We send best wishes to Georgia Fyffe who is undergoing treatment in Halifax and wish her a speedy recovery.

FUNDARISING: The red apron group held a Trick or Treat soup fundraiser. It had to be a take out but fhey worked hard and everything went well.

ON LINE SALE: The Guild is organizing an on line sale to replace the “real” bake and craft tables. Thank you all who baked and all who supported our sale. It was very successful.



FOODBANK: We are helping the Foodbank, especially at this colder time of year. You can bring in non-perishable foods each week and put them in the basket in the foyer. You can give a money donation. Also Wendy and Jeanne are organizing a warming stations outside the Foodbank with cookies and hot drinks, which are much appreciated. If you can bake cookies please let them know.

EVENING OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC: This will be at St. Luke’s on Wed. December 15th at 7.00 pm. Guest organist is Ivan Mailman. Covid restrictions in place. Come and join us. All are welcome

CHRISTMAS FOR SHUT INS: The Guild is remembering shut ins this Christmas with fruit at the Nursing Home and cards and pictures.

DECORATING THE CHURCH FOR CHRISTMAS: We will be decorating the church for Christmas after the Sunday service on Dec 19. This will be a simplified decoration but we would love to have some people come and help. We need an agile person to hang wreaths over the Sacristy door and organ window.


Lukie looks forward

Hi, Lukie here. It is beginning to look a bit like Christmas here in my church. The big tree is up and lights are glowing whenever the humans come in to sit and stand and sing and pray.

The beautiful big round green wreath is on the stand with the four huge candles around the circle and the special candle right in the middle ,waiting for Christmas to come.

Actually , my whole church is waiting, waiting, waiting! We are waiting for that very special time when the whole church gets decorated and the baby comes to sleep in the manger! I can tell that my humans are busy preparing for the time of JOY and although most humans seem to be getting very tired of wearing those face masks and staying apart I can sense the excitement building in and around my church.

Even though the world seems to still be fighting the dread disease called Covid , the coming of this holy time will bring many smiles to the faces of the humans sitting in the pews . I know Rosie and I will be putting our wee masks on over our big ears and we will be settling into our favourite hiding spots as we await the arrival of the Shepherds and the Wise Men and especially the new Mother and Father and tiny Baby Boy ,sleeping in the cows dinner plate.

I hope we see you in my church too! We will be watching!!!

Merry Christmas,

Lukie and Rosie


Just for kids

A Christmas picture to colour



May the joy of Christmas bring us all together. Come and worship.



If you would like to give flowers in memory of loved ones this Christmas please contact Judy Dickinson (902 532 5568) before December 19.

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