Newsletter Issue 70 (March 2021)

Updated: Mar 26


Where are we now? Covid has not gone away but life goes on. We are getting used to living with uncertainty. We should congratulate ourselves that we are still wanting to do our best. Church can help……….

Church is a place of peace. It is a place where you can think about your values,

your faith and your life.

Church is a place of tradition. It is a tradition that has endured for hundreds of

years. The details may change but not the core. Your parents, your grandparents, your way back ancestors all knew the church. You are the link for this in your own time.

Church is a place of education. Your children and grandchildren may not know about Christianity unless they come to church. The world is very secular. If they do not learn when they are young they will have missed out.

Church is a place of beauty. Look around at the craftsmanship in the windows, the carvings, the altar hangings. People took care to make their church beautiful.

Church is a place of people. Even in Covid we see others. It is a place where everyone is accepted. It is place where we can focus on who needs our help – the foodbank, our friends, our neighbours.

The church is a place where fears can be laid to rest. Use common sense but do not be afraid. The church is you and other people. If you do not support it, it will fade way.

Be not afraid. I go before you always.

Come follow me and I will give you rest.



“Our help is in the name of the Lord who has made heaven and earth”. Psalm 124: 7

Greetings to all parish members,

Ever so slowly and ever so cautiously cautiously our parish is moving towards the return of familiar worship practices and activities. This September we have established once again the Sunday morning 8 am, Book of Common Prayer (BCP) service of Holy Communion (HC); we even have the pleasure of having our organist lead us in the traditional expressions of music for the 8 am service, Also, Fr. Donald is once again presiding at the mid-week 10:30 am service of HE which alternates between the BCP and BAS. The 10 am Sunday service is focused on current and contemporary expressions of worship and music. Add to this the mid week Morning Prayer from Mon. - Fri. led by Brent Fewster our lay minister-in-training at 7:45 from the BCP, and 8:30 am from the BAS we are at present offering a full compliment of worship preferences. Hopefully this fall a return to Jesus and Jeans at St. Mark’s in Perotte and a revamped Espresso Church will be re-established as well.

Recent discussions amongst parish council and our members has high-lighted the desire and need for us to improve upon the many ways that we communicate. Recently we have invested in the initiative of publishing ads in The Reader which has a wide following and I am excited to announce that a new web site will soon be launched which is superior to our present web site. Our livestream audience are faithful live stream attendees and are heavily weighted toward current parish members choosing, because of Covid, when they will return to St. Lukes. We do have viewers who are outside of our local area as well some of them as far away as Australia. For myself this is evidence that our live stream presence is worthwhile and it is here to stay as a functioning part of our worship. What remains to be learned is the answer to the questions of how livestream can best be utilized and be of benefit to others and to us, but with this thought in mind I lean upon the words from the psalm, “Our help is in the name of the Lord who has made heaven and earth”. Psalm 124: 7 With this in mind I am confident we will discover the answers to our questions and we the direction we are to take will be revealed.

In regard to our financial position St.Luke’s is facing the challenge of serious interior work to be done on the church ceiling. We are presently waiting for quotes, but whoever the contractor of this project will be we know the cost will be steep. I am ever so thankful that the mortgage for the annex has been paid in full and we are no longer drawing from our capital funds to make these payments. As I have said numerous times, “If there is such a thing as the optimum time to experiment, and to explore the expansion of our boundaries of ministry in positive ways, now is the time”. Presently we remain blessed with a financial position that could support new initiatives and programs and include upgrades and repairs.

I wish to highlight and to emphasize that we are not a community that is all about worship for there is much more that defines us as a congregation then liturgy. Our efforts to support the clients of our local food bank expanded this spring to include our assistance in providing seeds, transplants, soil, and containers to help the clients grow fresh produce for themselves. This initiative is in addition to the outreach we did last winter in providing hot beverages and cookies to those who had to wait outside in cold weather to receive their box of food. Another outreach and mission initiative of the parish is to assist in the Annapolis County Family Matters School Plus program that identifies youth at risk who will become a 2022 high school graduate. Our financial support to assume some of the costs of graduation will become a valuable avenue of instilling self worth and building self esteem to those who could benefit in this positive charitable action.

I close with the observation that we are shifting from a volunteer resource based community to a financial resource based community who will manage the many needs of the parish. The days of asking for a volunteer to check out the condition of a roof, or other sundry tasks are gone because of insurance liability. We now must rely upon paying for a contractor, or someone who has the proper insurance to do these things. Another example is that we are experiencing the need to have a paid bookkeeper and accountant to cover some of our financial requirements. We are not to be discouraged by this reality, it is how many churches must now function. Our many volunteers are active in fund-raising and fulfilling ministry tasks, such as being a greeter at the church doors on Sunday morning or being the contact persons for several agencies. We are succeeding in making this shift and finding the financial resources that are required, but none of these tasks and accomplishments can be achieved without you. Your financial support means that we can accomplish all that needs to be done and all that should be done as a church community. Thank you to you for your gifts of time and your active expressions of faith. To those of you of whom we have not seen for some time, I do hope to greet you soon as Covid takes it place in our day to day lives as a back seat participant and we come together again as a united church family.

Blessings to you and yours,

Rev. Nita


A Time of Thanksgiving and Tiny Toes

Summer has come and gone and here I sit in my church without the joy of watching visitors come and go. Oh how I have missed that! No church tours , no open doors and no strangers wandering through the beauty that I call home . Those that do show up on a Sunday have their face masks on so that I miss seeing the smiles. I can tell by the sound of their voices that the folks are happy to see each other . They seem to have certain spots to sit for their shared time .Ribbon is tied around the rest of the seats to keep them empty and I am sorry to say there seems to be fewer humans coming on Sundays.

I wonder if they know what they are missing? Well, I’ll tell them they are missing beautiful music and the sounds the humans who sit up at the front are making even though they have to wear masks! Their singing makes my mouse whiskers quiver with joy . The new boss lady at the big groaner is so good at her job, she can make the groaner sound like angels are tap dancing to please God.

We have a tiny one up in the front too and she is just the right size for a mouse to admire. She has tiny wee feet that are sometimes without any shoes so that I am tempted to tickle her toes! I am resisting though because I would hate to frighten her . She seems to have her special corner up there where she is close to her Daddy in case she needs a cuddle. She has added something very special to my church and I hope she like us as much as we love her!

Soon it will be one of my favourite times when my church is filled with all sorts of goodies, I will have to enjoy the smells of the apples and other treats but resist the urge to nibble....well, I may just take one or two tiny bites if I find a perfect apple tucked by my favourite hiding place. Then I will squeak out “Happy Thanksgiving” to all my humans with a special hello to that tiny new choir member. Happy Thanksgiving from Lukie and Rosie.



We are thrilled to welcome our new organist, Heidi Fewster and her husband Brent and her two beautiful children, Haesel and Rose.

Heidi comes to us with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for church music. The choir is busy practicing and although we must still wear masks it is possible to sing in them.

Brent is training to be a lay reader and already is taking early morning prayer services on week days.

They live near Christchurch, Karsdale with their children and a growing number of animals Haesel comes to church every Sunday and is brilliantly behaved. Rose still has a nap at that time but soon we will be welcoming her as well.

Thank you for making Annapolis your church home.


For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)


Just for kids

A thanksgiving picture to colour




Monday to Friday

7.45…BCP 8.30…..BAS

Services of Morning Prayer led by lay reader, Brent Fewster



Service of Holy Eucharist led by Fr. Donald, alternate BCP and BAS


8.00…..Holy Eucharist with music

10.00….Holy Eucharist with music

October 20

ACW Regional Meeting in Digby.

Call Judy if you would like to come.

October 29

Trick or Treat Take Out luncheon, Oct. 27, 11:30 - 1 pm. Choice of soups, garlic bread and cookies. Tickets available from the office, or from members of St. Luke’s. 7.00 for 12 oz. soup tub, or 12.00 for 2 12 oz. tubs. Call the office to confirm your order, 902-532-0913, or buy a ticket for your prepaid meal.

Nov. 14

Deadline to order for Guild on-line Christmas baking and craft sale






Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because the chicken behind it didn’t know how to socially distance properly.

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